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Delmar James

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Born and bred in Louisville, Kentucky, singer/songwriter Delmar James has never known a life without music. Growing up with a father as a DJ, young Delmar was introduced to early ‘90s R&B. The specific artists that stood out to Delmar include Donnell Jones, Case, and Joe. Delmar’s deep reverence for music history and the artists that came before have motivated him to create soulful ballads that inspire relaxation, love, and romance.


James’ favorite quote is; “Soul is a feeling, not a color”, and is what he strives to evoke when he creates music. Delmar’s sound is a combination of modern-day pop and lofi hip hop. As a composer, James reads music which allows him to create depth within it on 3 different levels.


Delmar James is currently working on a forthcoming EP to be released in 2022, and the first single; “I’m The One” will be released on all streaming platforms on July 9th. The song is a modern-day pop ballad about a previous relationship and is perfect for the summer. Follow Delmar on Instagram @officialdelmarjames and pre-save the link for, “I’m The One”.



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