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Challenge yourself to Save Time, Save Money and Win - For The Record

I have a lot of interactions with Independent artists who are "struggling".  When I sit down to chat with them I am often amazed at their level of creativity and the amount of time, energy, and money they have spent making music.  At the point that they come to me, they have been in the game for a number of years, and have a legal question concerning their music and are looking for either guidance or a legal resolution.  

The Roadmap

Sure if I want to leave from New York heading to California all I need to do is head west.  However, if I map out the trip I will arrive sooner and more efficiently.

"For The Record" is an instruction manual that speaks to the 5 steps an artist should consider to manage that journey more effectively.  It lays out the steps that an artist must consider to pave a path to success.  This instruction manual is an introductory guide for the independent artist to make and release music.

Remember the long game this is about investing in yourself and more important investing wisely.

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Music Business 101

"For The Record" is a blueprint to manage the many moving parts to releasing your music and getting paid.  It begins with Making the Artist which speaks to branding and social media.  It then moves into Making the Music and the nuances about music production.  Once the music is done and before it is released the artist is given the tools to protect their intellectual property.  Finally the instruction manual lays out the pre and post launch sequence to help manage a successful release.

Each of these components have a checklist to facilitate the process and help the artist move successfully thru the various stages of their music creation and help them to get paid and win.

Save Time, Save Money

For the Record provides a basic understanding of the music business.   The manual also provides the links to many industry platforms to facilitate the artist's understanding and to help them save time and time is money.

As a very wise man once said to me "You can always replace money, but you can never replace time".  This instruction manual will benefit any independent artist who wants to pursue to road to success.

This guide helps the artist to focus on his craft which entails many moving pieces effectively buy using the building blocks to create a strong foundation for their music career.   

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