Delmar James "Promises" to Deliver!!

What first got you into music?

Growing up in my household music was always present; whether it would be my Mom singing solos at our home church of St. Martin De Porres in Louisville Kentucky, or my Dad DJ’ing at weddings at country clubs.  Growing up I was really big into playing “Guitar Hero” and watching MTV,  VH1, and 106 and Park. Every day after school to catch up on all the latest music info and news regarding what was hot or trending. Up until I was 14 I always wanted to sing.  Then one random day in my freshman year of high school I came home and learned to sing, “You Should Let Me Love You” by Mario.  That is when I discovered that I had a musical gift. One year later I tried out for the choir at my high school, Seneca High School, and my audition, landed me a spot in the advanced choir as a sophomore.  Advance choir is the most elite level of choir in most school in the performing arts.   I made my first vocal recording at the age of 16 and I have been recording ever since. The reason I loved music what the ability to make people feel happy or be able to make people fall in love again with my voice. I would be asked to sing around school and every time I would sing people would tell me I should audition for American Idol or they complimented my voice.  A lot of people tell me I sound like Brandon Casey from Jagged Edge.