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Getting Your Music on Streaming Playlists - You Are Your Own Program Director

What types of Playlisting are there?

Playlisting happens when a streaming platform such as Apple or Spotify create a list of chosen songs which use a genre or mood as the theme.  While there are playlists run by Spotify and Apple Music. There are also some independent platforms that have their own channel. A good example would be You Tube Nations, I.e. Trap Nation and House Nation.  You can also find branded playlists from independent curators who have built immense popularity and have many followers.  Finally,  you as an Artist or listener can create your own list and be an independant curator.  For example, you can create a Hip-Hop, or RnB playlist with your favorite music to listen too. 


Why do you need to pay attention to Playlisting?

Today everyone lives on their phones and this technology has given people the ability to access music from around the globe.  Streaming is how the majority of people from around the world consume music.  In turn, playlisting creates a way for audiences to discover new music.  Having your track on a popular playlist can turn listeners into new followers, and create fans and listeners for the Artist.  This is why Artist need to understand playlisting. 



You are your own Program Director

Create your own Playlist on the platform.  You now have the ability to get your music in front of a global audience for FREE.  This is a tool to help you succeed and you should view it as such.  You can find and create your own audience if you put in the time and energy.  

By signing up and claiming your Artist profile on these platforms it will also help inform what you audience is engaging with.  This can help you create strategies and also let you know which songs resonate on your playlist which can help determine the musical direction you take.

You can also create collaborative playlists which allow anyone to add songs.  It is a way of creating a community that others are seeing.  You can also ask your friends if they would place your song on their playlists.

Social Media and Playlisting

Playlisting is one of many tools available for today's Artist for with no cost.  A strong Social media presence and building a fan base across all platforms is important for success. These tools can help drive traffic and increase the chance of new releases being successful.  Using all digital platforms to get your music heard should be the goal.  Most Artists would love to have their song played on the radio ten times a day.  However, they fail to utilize the platforms that are available to them, for free, to be heard.  You can put your music on twitter 10 times a day and potentially have 10 people listen on each tweet which in turn is 100 plays for that day.  Embedding your Spotify and Apple code on your website and placing the link on all your social media allows fans to access you with ease.


Other Streaming Considerations in Order to Win

According to the company's CEO Daniel Ek, Spotify is currently uploading 40,000 songs daily.  Audiences have many choices and a limited attentions span.  It is important to take understand what is trending on these platforms in order to develop a strategy that may  help you get on playlists in order to be heard.   

Here are some of tips to help get your song playlisted;  1.  Keep your songs under 4 minutes, 2.  Lead with the hook.  Fans have lots of choices and you need to grab their attention immediately, 3.  Short intro and outro as people are impatient, 5. It is very important to keep them listening for more than 30 seconds.  Platforms don't pay for streaming unless a fan listens for more than 30 seconds, 6.  Algorithms measure the duration of the time a fan listens to your song, more than 30 seconds and the platform may start recommending the song to other listeners, 7. the average skip rate today is 7 seconds.  8.  Claim and use your Artist profile, update it routinely and keep it interesting.  

Playlist Pitching

Having your music placed on the right playlist can provide momentum and help develop a larger fan base.  Remember playlist curators are being contacted continously by Artists asking for their song to be listed.  Always respect the playlist owners process for submission.  When contacting the curator be brief, song only one song, be clear which playlist you are requesting consideration for (as they may have multiple lists) and be authentic.

Determining how to contact the curator may take some time.  Sometimes you can find the info in the description of their playlist.  If it is not listed there you may try to connect with them on Social media and direct message them.  There are also companies that provide information about Playlists such as:  Micco, Indie Spotify Bible, Soundcharts and Chartmetrics to name a few.

The Business of Music

Ask your self everyday what must I do to get my music heard?  You are the owner of your own business and you need to think about it that way.  You no longer have to rely on someone else to market your music; you can use the tools available to share your releases and gain fans.  Be creative, active, interesting and your own streaming promo team!!

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