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The how to's for your first Photoshoot - Photoshoot 101's

I recently had my first photo shoot with photographer, Jordan Battiste.  I needed professional photos and the thought of me being the center of a photo shoot made me uncomfortable.  Having managed artists for nearly a decade my role has always been behind the scenes.  To overcome the nervousness I needed to prepare so that I could possibly enjoy the moment.  

So if you are setting up a professional photo shoot for your business you will want to show your best self.  No matter what you’re promoting whether it is a product or a service such as consulting you want to use imagery to show-off your brand.     


There are a lot of professional people that may never have done a photo shoot and it may seem daunting.  However, if you have your own business it is important to get professional shots in order to help grow your career.  I strongly recommend that despite your nerves you book a photographer and get started.  If you prepare this should be an enjoyable and fun experience.

In order to be ready, connect with your audience and show your authentic self to the world here are some steps to consider:  

1. Find a photographer

In order to relax and find your groove make sure you vibe with the photographer.  When you call them you will know if there is a chemistry that works.  You need someone who takes great pictures but also makes you feel confident and is invested in your vision. 

During your call with the photographer discuss the number of final pictures you will receive, the number of outfit changes you would like to wear, the location and how many photos he will touch up.  If you are using these photos on-line or in print you will want high resolution make sure to inquire about this.  Finally, discuss payment; will you  pay by the hour or book a session that lasts 2 or more hours.  Finally, think about positioning in the photos.  If you need some of these photos for sales copy have your photographer position you off to the side.  If it is for social media positioning in the center of the photo is more likely.

On the day of the photo shoot, allow your photographer to help guide you.  The photographer can help with the poses and he can see thru the lens what looks natural.  It will help if you can relax and be playful as your personality will show thru.  


2. Choose a location

Take time to find a location(s) that you feel comfortable in.  Doing the first photo shoot in your house, if possible, has advantages.  You have all your clothes there already, you can save money, and more important your own space will help you to relax and this will come thru in your photos. 

It’s important to remember that you are representing your brand and your philosophy.  You want people to see what you do and who you are.  So remember to be authentic you are selling yourself.  It is important for your audience to personally connect with you.

Once you determine your location consider the time of day and lighting to get the best results.  Also, if you are a new to this you can go to google images and search for business photos/poses.  This will help you visualize what the photos can look like.  If you have the opportunity you should practice them in the mirror so you can see and feel if they are right for you.  

3. Clothing and Props

Prior to the photo shoot make sure you have tried on the clothing you want to wear.  Pick out your accessories, shoes, jewelry and any props you want to use.  Individually lay out each outfit so that you can move fluidly on the day of the photo shoot.  Also, depending on the poses you have chosen it maybe as simple as one pair of pants and multiple shirts to change out.    Remember to choose outfits that reflect who you are and how you want to be seen. Make sure they make you feel good and are comfortable.  Be your real best self! 

4. Set the tone (Music)

On the day of the photo shoot, do whatever you puts you in a good  mood so that when you arrive you are happy, excited and ready to go.  Bring along your favorite playlist and pump up the music.  You have prepared, it is time to look and feel great.  This is your moment so shine. 

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