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Want to perform like Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, how to give a star performance

Hi, my name is Eddie Morales and I am a creative director, choreographer, dancer &  entreprenuer.  My goal is to inspire 1 or more persons to take there creative lives to new heights.  Not to not take no for an answer, find new ways to find there brands, and to make their dreams a reality. 

Tell us a little bit about you and how you started doing performance coaching?

I started doing coaching which led me to doing artist development.  I realized working with Artists that they would benefit from more coaching in order to help them resonate with the crowd.

What is live performance coaching?

Live performance coaching is key! Choreographers know and pay attention to the details, such as ways in which the artist can connect with the audience.  We teach the artists how to have their bodies tell the story as they perform their songs.

What does performance coaching involve? 

Performance coaching involves cardio training, vocal training, movements, how to speak with the audience, gestures, knowing what the cues are, and arranging live set with the artists repertoire.

Where do you work with the artist(s)?

Usually we work in studios or the personal space of the artists choosing.

Why is it important to an artist stage performance?

This is an important piece of  Artist development.  There is a saying “you only have 1 chance to make a First impression.  New Artists do not have the experience on the stage and we guide them through that process so they don’t crash and burn first time out in front of a live audience, at a festival or TV audience.  Great stage performances can propel your career and help you catch a brick fast.

How do you assess an artist that you want to work with and what should they expect?

The artist usually reaches out to me, however, if I see someone that needs help that has potential I may reach out to their management and offer my assistance if they are not already working with one of my peers.

What are the advantages of movement and performance coaching?

The advantages are that the artist will likely book more appearances, sell out  more shows, sell or stream more records, and grow a bigger fan base faster period!

 How do you help an artist to engage the audience?

To engage with the audience the Artists confidence has to be on 1000.  They must believe in themselves, the writing the song, and story being told.  We the people today can spot when someone is trying to hard or doing too much, it has to be an effortless marriage.

Should an artist practice in front of a mirror or video tape themselves?

Artists should ALWAYS practice in front of a mirror to get ready.  Then 2 days prior to hitting the stage, you take away the mirrors, to prove to the artist they have what it takes.  Practice, practice, practice makes it become 2nd nature to them.  You must also ALWAYS record yourself; this is key and fundamental in rehearsing.  This will allow you to clean up gestures you might have missed or forgot while performing.  It allows you to see and think of every lil thing so when the lights come on you will shine, especially if you want to be a great artist that is very HANDS ON like Justin Timberlake or Mariah Carey.

Does an artist need to know how to dance to help their stage performance?

Not necessarily an artist doesn’t have to know how to dance to be correct.  They either have it or they don’t example- Mariah doesn’t dance but definitely puts on a show, the artist Pink dances but instead she chooses to do aerial stuff instead of dance steps.

Is a choreographer the same thing as a performance coach?

Yes a choreographer is the movement coach you can’t be a choreographer without being a dancer first. You have to have created choreography in order to call yourself a movement coach.  We are the ones that sell you the record without getting any publishing on the record lol.

Eddie Morales

MoVision' Creative 

Social media handle- @emoofficial718/

@jewelsnreceipts (Instagram)

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