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Make your grand entrance on the red carpet what Indie Artists need to know about Elite styling

I got my start as a intern for Conde Nast publications American Vogue / Teen Vogue ten years ago. Since I have had the fortune to have my fashion editorials published in Vanity Fair, Seventeen, Velvet, Zink, etc. I have styled international and national ad campaigns For American Vogue, Watergate Hotel, Target, Fender guitar and many the top of my head I Worked with great talent such as  Rotimi Akinosho (Dre on "Power") Fifty Cent, Alan Cumming, Grace Vanderwaal a list of others. Top photographers like Richard Warren and Stan Malinowski. I have worked around the globe as well.. I would like to invite you to view my portfolio online at

1. What do stylist do in the music industry?. 

Wardrobe stylists create alluring looks and vibes. We tell a story thru wardrobe. That's the magic of us; that's the talent. We set the mood and the tone. Making sure the artists' music coincides with how he or she looks. Making whatever message they are conveying even more powerful and clear to the audience. On the business end we secure the items. We go on scavenger hunts tirelessly working for our clients. 

2.How do stylists help brand artists?

Well wardrobe stylist are great deal makers. We are on our artist side. Meaning we talk our clients up. We are your fashion attorney pleading your case with every designer we come in contact with. Connecting your name with designers on your behalf. Which can lead to ad campaigns and countless endorsements. 

3.How does styling help artists stand out? Well wardrobe stylist should be in tune with the artist persona. You have to able to feel how the artist moves. How the artist laughs. How the artist dances to make the crowd move. Take all that in and regurgitate the same swag with wardrobe. For instance take the way Elvis moved or performed. Thompsuits added to that swag. His wardrobe perfectly decorated his swag in real time in real movement. You mix the artist swag with the right wardrobe you will stand out in a good way....

4.What role(s) does a stylist perform?  We are the masters of your wardrobe universe. We are the gate keepers of your wardrobe galaxy. We pull in all the wardrobe from designers and procure deals with them on your behalf. We magically tie in every look with your persona. We understand evey scene and every angle. Yes we have a wardrobe crystal ball that tells us what each photo is going to look like. We know how the dress codes for each event even small ones. The Golden globes,  The Grammys are a easy guess. Lets try a black tie affair at a peta event. A good stylist knows what you should be wearing. We make sure you have on all the correct things at the correct time and place. Remember stand out in a good way. Never be caught wearing the wrong thing at the wrong time. Up to date, I know what is relevant and that is why we get paid.   Paid to know what's best.  5.How does having a stylist help an artist with Time management? I sometimes go to 17 designer houses in a two day period. I sometimes do not find one thing that works. Meaning that I have to go to 29 more designer houses the next day. Enough said right? All I need is for you the artist to show up for one fitting and your wardrobe is planned for a month. Each event or show you know exactly what your wearing no guessing.. 6. What should you look for in a stylist? Make sure he or she is educating you on what wardrobe is and how it all works. So you the artist can appreciate what they do. I appreciate things so much more when I understand what was done for me to enjoy whatever it is...It's a lot of work. Also look for a stylist who has your back in a few different ways. Meaning they treat you well. They are really invested in your look. They are not a yes man. They tell you the truth rather you like it or not Lizzo said truth hurt's right.  7.How do you find a stylist? We are around... once your in the inner entertainment circles as a performer they will come out the shadows in those inner circles.  8.When should you get a stylist ? A.S.A.P  9.A tip for Indie Artists, who do not have a stylist, that can help them  determine a  style or look?  Pic one signature thing. That signature could be small however signature things go a long way. Be you in a way that's authentically you. Try to put yourself together in your own words. Once you get a stylist. We will polish that persona.. so do you for now..  My info  Jay Johnson   Celebrity Fashion Stylist  Jay Johnson Styling Co.    Website: Instagram: elitestyling

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