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What is Artist Development?

Artist Development is a step by step plan that hones an artists' skills and public profile.

What are the components of Artist development?

Here are some of the major categories that need to be considered:


Creating music;

Show performance;

Fan base; and


Artist development by record labels:

Record labels previously signed 360 deals with Artists and the label was responsible for the artist development and music production. With declining record sales, labels began to search for ways to streamline services that took time and money. In addition, the rise of social media began giving birth to artists who amassed very large fan followings. Labels saw this and began signing popular artists that already had their own fan base in order to save time and money in development. Fans were now in the drivers seat and pushing artists to the forefront.

So while there are less gate keepers there is definitely more content on the web. In order to be noticed you have to have great skills and stand out. So how does an Indie Artist prepare themselves to stand out among many?

Indie Artist development:

First, you have to have the fire in your belly. The race does not go to the swiftest but instead to the one with the most perseverance. Here are some of the services that will enhance your craft and help separate you from the rest. Vocal coaching, dance training, determining your branding, great music, great stage presence, and practice, practice, practice!

Consider using open mics as a platform to try out your stage presence, practice and repeat. Go to multiple venues, with different audiences and continue until you can win over crowds in a variety of places. Try to take some vocal coaching lessons to learn how to use your voice correctly. Dance classes will also help you find ways to entertain while on the stage. Group and/or private lessons are the best choice but if that is not an option use the internet, YouTube and other social media resources to learn and be taught.

Pick your favorite form of social media and interact with your fans. The most important thing is consistency and engagement. Be authentic and this will help define your brand.

Of course it all begins and ends with great music so continue to practice your craft. Working with other Artists will help expand your knowledge and creativity.

Remember we have all watched the Grammy's and seen the new Artist of the year receive their award. During their acceptance speech we have heard many Artists state they have been working at their craft for many years and this is not new to them. Remember you are in charge of your destiny and whether you are signed to a label or an independent Artist you have to work hard to rise to the top.

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