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HipHop Duo Jae Mansa on the move again with their Breakthrough single "Crabs"

Who is Jae Mansa?

Jae’s Answer:  Jae Mansa is a group consisting of me and my cousin B  Comming from the king mansa musa ! 

B's Answer: The best way to describe Jae Mansa is Yung Kings.

When did you guys meet?

We’re first cousin so we known each other all our lives.

Have your surroundings shaped you in a creative sense, and in what way(s)?

 Jae’s Answer:  Yes of course. Especially being on the road and experiencing new things from touring and meeting new people. Learning from past mistakes making the next opportunity more successful! This game can teach you a lot about life!

B's Answer:  When i talk about surroundings i like to be in my hometown because of the energy and so many personalities. Why because it give me the struggle and when I’m on the road that give me the grind creativity.

How do you guys describe your sound? 

 Jae’s Answer:   I would say we have our own sound really because we definitely don’t sound like anybody else in this game and that was our goal. We just stayed true to ourselves for real and everything we talk about is facts ! 

B's Answer:  Agreed, we are different, educational and we are us being us! 

What makes Jae Mansa stand out?

 Jae’s Answer:   First, we our name, two it is our music. Honestly all around the board from how we move, walk, talk, and WE DO US.  We never try to follow or be like the next man. If you listen and become fans of Jae Mansa you will definitely see what makes us stand out 

B's Answer:  We stand out because it’s a story and history behind our name Jae Mansa. And plus we really rapping and talking.  

Tell us more about your latest single “Crabs”?

 Jae’s Answer:  Our newest single was just another masterpiece we cooked up . A whole collab between B, our Producer SL and I.  We were all giving ideas on the hook while I was in the booth I believe . And SL was like crabs in a bucket you know . Cause we was tryna finish the song. It’s Definitely one of our best songs and it’s about be a hit 

 B's Answer: Dropping soon featuring Cuban doll. Crabs in the bucket came about, as there are so many people pulling you down when you tryna be great instead of trying to uplift each other. This is why we call it crabs in the bucket.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Jae’s Answer:  No I wouldn’t say that it was more of top of the head thing. That’s how all our singles be they never planned they just get created.

B's Answer:  Being in places where they like you but want tell you because you may got further then them. We call them “Hating Ass Niggas”.  

Talk about your experience touring with Riff Raff and Mark Battles?

Jae’s Answer:  Well shout out to both Mark and Riff.  I can say Mark Battles was more of the learning experience because we learned a lot from watching him. Now when we were on tour with Riff we went in knowing a lot more then when did then when we toured with Mark . We definitely got a lot of stories but for the most part we did what we had to do every night and rocked that stage and it got us a single and a a lot more tracks and it’s both these artists and we ready for another one.

B's Answer:  Mark Battles taught me how to perform.  Whether he knows it or not the energy he gives and the ways he interacts with the crowd. I learned a lot from Mark. Riff Raff was one of the best tours we have done. We got a chance to chill with them in the RV. Talk about music and even do a song with them.

What hip-hop albums did you grow up listening to?

Jae’s Answer:  The massacre, the carter 3 , get rich or dye trying, thug motivation 101.

B's Answer:  I remember DMX, foxy brown, and Biggie. 

What did you start doing first, producing or rapping? How did that get started?

 Jae’s Answer:   I never produced in my life, I been rapping seriously for about 5 years now . And I started rapping because I was at a point in my life where I didn’t know what to do and I was just rapping with my homies one day and I was like yeah I can do this so I called Pops and told him and we made it happen!

B's Answer:   I always played around with rapping. But Jae started rapping first. When I started we had a little family situation which had Jae and I in the studio just writing verses and recording. My manager heard it and thought we sound better together then solo. 

What would be their dream collaboration with any rapper or producer?

Jae’s Answer: Well rapper would  be "J Cole" and my producer would be "Timberland". 

B's Answer:  Fabolous and PushaT  are my favorites and still listening to them.

Whose music do you listen to the most?

Jae’s Answer:   I listen To real hip hop and I listen to New Age music.  I like Dave East, Don Q, and G.Herbo.  I still like music where rappers are actually rapping. and I am  definitely listening to the turn up music.

B's Answer:  I would say it want last because it’s about time for another sound. Music is art.

Do you think this genre will last or will people tire of it?

 Jae’s Answer:   I’m already tired of it and I use to like it in my younger days but especially now with times like these I believe real rap will come back.

B's Answer:  I would say it want last because it’s about time for another sound. Music is art.

Since there are so many great street hip hoppers, what determines who gets to the top?

Jae’s Answer:  You determine if you get to the top. My Pops always told me you get out what you put in . Hard work gets you to the top.

B's Answer:  I minute, thinking the One that do the craziest shit. Look at 6’9 he got out breaking records and making snitching look cool lol. 

What is one experience in life that, without it, you wouldn’t be the artist you are today?

 Jae’s Answer:  My pops for real, he helped me all the way and I'm not to proud to say it . He got me to open my eyes up to a lot of real shit. A lot of shit that could have fucked up, ended my life, and I’m thankful for him everyday B.

B's Answer:  Growing up in the places i did. And goin through everything i went through.

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